Transfers & Deferrals

Pike’s Peek 10K Refund, Transfer and Deferment Policy

In order to ensure safety and a quality event, we must plan certain logistics and costs based on the number of registrants, not the number of participants.  In order to manage costs and expectations for all runners, the Pike’s Peek 10K does not offer refunds.   

We do understand that life happens – injuries, business trips and other things sometimes have the nerve to interfere with our running.  In order to accommodate registrants who encounter these instances we offer the following transfer and deferral options.  Please note that there is a deadline of Sunday, April 12 for all transfers and a deadline of Sunday, April 19 for deferral requests.


Transferring is a paid registrant finding another runner to run in their spot AND executing a bib transfer from the Manage Registration option of your race registration on RunSignup.   Simply giving your bib to another runner without executing an official transfer creates a bandit situation which is disrespectful to other runners and creates serious liability and safety issues for the race organizers, medical staff and other volunteers conducting the race.  Runners who provide, or accept, bibs without an official transfer will be disqualified and may be banned from participation in future MCRRC events.  Thank you for your understanding.

Registrants wishing to transfer their registration are responsible for finding a new runner to take their spot.  Registrants who transfer their registration to another runner do not receive a refund from MCRRC.  The financial aspects of the transfer must be handled between the two runners and MCRRC bears no responsibility for any costs.

To transfer your registration, you must go to the manage registration option of your registration on RunSignup and execute a transfer.

The Transfer to Another Runner option can be found by logging on to RunSignup, navigating to Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > Transfer to Another Runner. 

The option to transfer your bib is only available through Sunday, April 12.   


Deferring is a paid registrant who is unable to participate in the 2020 Pike’s Peek 10K but wishes to participate in the 2021 Pike’s Peek 10K.  Deferrals to other MCRRC races are not possible.   

Registrants who defer their 2020 entry to the 2021 race do not receive a refund.  Instead, they will receive a code to register for the 2021 race.   There is a $10 fee for this service however the registrant will not pay the regular 2021 registration fee.

You can defer your registration logging on to RunSignup, navigating to Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > Defer Registration

Deferrals must be completed by Sunday, April 19.

When you are ready for claim your deferred entry for the 2021 race, please contact the race using the following steps:

  1. Go to the Race Page for the race
  2. Click Find a Participant
  3. Verify that your deferral has not already been entered
  4. If you do not see yourself on this list…
  5. Click Race Info
  6. Scroll down to the Race Contact Info section
  7. Click Questions?
  8. Enter your name, email, phone number into the contact form
  9. In the Question/Message field ask the race what the deferral status of your previous year entry is
  10. Click Send Question
  11. You will hear back shortly from the race director who will help with your deferred entry into the current year

Note that MCRRC may make exceptions to these policies for active duty military personnel due to military orders or special circumstances.  Please send inquiries to