Course & Race Details

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THE 10K COURSE: Designed for speed.

The start is on Redland Rd just west of the intersection with Crabbs Branch Rd near the Shady Grove Metro Station. (see map) At Somerville Drive, runners will make a right turn and then a left onto Metro Station Dr and then a left on to MD Rt. 355 (Rockville Pike). From there it’s a straight shot down Rockville Pike to the finish on Rose Avenue in Pike & Rose.  Water will be available at the start, 2 stations on the course, and the finish. Split times will be called or displayed at each mile.

You can drive to and park at the Shady Grove Metro Station. (Parking on Sunday is still free!)   Note that the east side parking, Lot 2 is closest to the race start.   West side parking is available before 7:30am – after that we need to block off some of the west side parking access for the runners.
The 10K starts at 7:50 AM. Please note the metro will  NOT open early.  If you try to take the metro to the race, you may not make it to the start line in time.  Please plan accordingly, we must start the race at 7:50 am!
Bag Check
  • Want to have something warm and dry to put on at the finish?  You run, we’ll take your bag from the start line to the finish line!  See complete details here, and you know the drill, if it’s super valuable, leave it at home.  We certainly try very hard to be responsible but when a thousand or more runner bags are thrown into a box truck, stuff can get lost or damaged.

Pacing Teams – 

  • The Pike’s Peek 10K will feature a number of highly qualified pace teams to help you achieve your PR.  If you have a PR in mind, check our list of pace groups and be sure to run with a pacer!


Post Race Festival
After your race, enjoy the fabulous post-race festival hosted by Pike & Rose!  Summer House and Stella Barra will be serving brunch – participants must display their runner’s number to be served.

Kids Fun Run
Have your children be a part of race day with the Kids Fun Runs, hosted by Green Acres School!  There will be a Kids Fun Run and a 50-meter Toddler Trot.  For more information, visit the Kids Fun Run page.


Run the race, enjoy the brunch and festivities at Pike & Rose and then take Metro back to Shady Grove from the White Flint station, right across from the finish!   Or have your family come to Pike & Rose to enjoy all the festivities!

10K runners will have the full use of the northbound side of Rt. 355 until Gude Drive (approx. 1 mile). After that, competitors must run in the two median lanes. Traffic and safety considerations prohibit strollers, baby joggers, skates, pets, and headsets.

Hand Cycles and wheelchairs are allowed in the race. If you would like to register and use a hand cycle or wheelchair, please email the race director and let them know you will be participating in the race.

Participants MUST be able to maintain a 14-minute-per-mile pace.   Participants who are unable to do so may be directed onto the sidewalk and from that moment must follow normal pedestrian rules at the cross streets.

As always, all runners should be healthy and at an appropriate fitness level to complete the 10K race.  For your own health and that of others, if you are unwell on race day, please stay home.